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Braunpat Braun Eder AG
Holeestrasse 87
4054 Basel
Telefon +41(0)61 307 90 30
Fax +41(0)61 307 90 39
info [at] braunpat [dot] ch


Our clients can be individual persons, as well as firms of any size. They may have only just started their commercial and/or industrial activities, or they may already be well established in their line of business. They require advice from us, or they may already have a good idea about what they need.

Our clients

  • have invented something, created a brand, drawn up plans for creating a new piece of furniture, written a book… and want to prevent others from copying their work
  • have been warned that they have infringed patent, trade mark or design rights owned by a third party
  • require a contract with partners involved in the production, the elaboration or the future development of their invention, or they want to licence their patent or trade mark
  • require general advice on, for example, how to proceed with their product or their invention and how to protect it and/or how to go about creating a trade mark.


  • actively deal with matters on our clients behalf, file applications for the registration of our client’s industrial and intellectual property in the required countries;
  • inform our clients on the best way to protect their product or their invention;
  • examine any allegations made against our clients and inform our clients on the best way to defend themselves against such allegations;
  • draw up contracts for our clients and advise on the type of contract which best suits their needs;
  • are available for answering our clients queries and inform them on the best viable solutions;