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A domain name is an address on the Internet. One differentiates between so-called “generic Top Level Domains” (gTLDs) such as “.com”, “.org”, “.biz) and so-called “country code Top Level Domains” (ccTLDs) such as “.ch”, “.de”, “.eu”.

Domain names are issued on a “first come, first served”-basis. Our legal department offers the following services in this field:

  • We verify which domain names are available, register them and assure their maintenance on behalf of our clients;
  • We procure domain names which have already been issued by negotiating with the current domain name holder, or, in cases of unjustified “cyber-squatting” and/or “domain grabbing”, we can take any necessary legal action;
  • We assist our clients in the creation and maintenance of their domain name portfolios;
  • We register domain names with DNS hosting companies that provide space for websites on their servers.