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Braunpat Braun Eder AG
Holeestrasse 87
4054 Basel
Telefon +41(0)61 307 90 30
Fax +41(0)61 307 90 39
info [at] braunpat [dot] ch


BRAUNPAT’s history started in 1989. Up until that year, André Braun (father) and André Braun (son) worked at “A. Braun, Braun, Héritier, Eschmann AG”, the law firm which they had founded with other partners. In 1989 André Braun (the younger) became independent and founded a small firm of his own which grew fast and continuously. The offices located in the “Murtengasse” in Basel soon became too small. In 1996, the firm inevitably had to move to new premises when André Braun took over the files of the Kerr AG. The new office location in the “Reussstrasse 22” seemed enormous at first, but, very soon, it became apparent that an extension had to be built. In 2005 Carl E. Eder and his law firm “Patentanwaltsbüro Eder AG” entered into partnership with André Braun and both their firms merged to form BRAUNPAT. BRAUNPAT Braun Eder AG is a healthy, stable company thanks to its team of competent, experienced and friendly staff.